Women Walk naked to promote acceptance towards nudity….(see pictures)


Four women stripped off and wandered around naked in a bid to promote acceptance of women’s bodies.

Much to the shock of locals the women were spotted hanging around outside government buildings in the Congressional Plaza in the Argentinian capital.

One of the nude women, Paula Brindisi who organised the demonstration for urbandismo , told local media: “This is a campaign of acceptance, accepting oneself and the other.

“It is frowned upon to see a woman’s breasts, but if a man does nobody is surprised.

A group of women undressed to promote tolerance in Plaza Congreso
A group of women undressed to promote tolerance in Plaza Congreso

“We have initiated a series of public and private activities to externalise our right to own our bodies and our thoughts, claim to be accepted, or solidarity with those who are curtails this possibility.”

She added: “We want to promote acceptance and nudity as something natural and not as something perverse or sexual purposes.”

As the women walked around, many passersby stopped to take photos on their phones.

The police eventually arrived and told the women “this is no way to demonstrate” adding that they had received complaints from people saying they felt uncomfortable by the nudity.


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