When it comes to controversy Willy Paul just never stops. After releasing recent photos of his ‘Fanya’ video, fans have attacked him for lack of originality and his constant copying of Tanzanian bongo star Diamond’s style.

The Gospel artist has literally lifted the bongo artist’s style. Fans also criticized Willy Paul for his accent which is said to have been copied  from Diamond.

ibrahim_mwashighadi Hii ndo kuharibu injili sasa….do u know the meaning of WASAFI Mr willy? Now u going wrong.
@alimsanii he aint original starting from copyin diamonds wasafi lebel as willy paul msafi….he uses bongo accent in most v his songs…swagg copied ..bruh killed his own vybe????.

[email protected]ushaskia diamond akiiga mfano wa mziki wa kenya ….???ziii Hes original …?????….ebu tumia macho …vtu zngine c za kuambiwa?…nimeenda.

thee_lordie Lacking originality,badala you create your own brand nikucopy diamond kila kitu tu.


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