I’m starting to see why maybe England busted out of the EU. They wanted to keep all their homegrown glamour girl hotties to themselves.nicola_paul_topless_round_up_for_page_3_04-01f5bf3b_webinFair enough. If there’s one area where it’s socially and morally acceptable to be selfish, it’s in relation to topless crazy seductive beauties like Nicola Paul showing off her fine jugular game pieces.nicola_paul_topless_round_up_for_page_3_03-a9fc4722_web


Just as V.S. is expanding their stable of super smoking hot world class lingerie models, Page 3 has been calling up primed and ready reserves from the faptastic farm system to take their rightful place in the big show. And show Nicola Paul does. Topless sextastic British girls are really the only reason I will ever look at a garden.nicola_paul_topless_round_up_for_page_3_02-877f172b What a rightful match. Though topless Nicola goes with any backdrop, most notably my NFL bedding decorated boudoir. It’s NFC week with the sheets, Nicola. Let’s get to scoring. I was born romantic.nicola_paul_topless_round_up_for_page_3_01-6516e59e