Tyga loves his new apple-green Lamborghini so much that he apparently ‘bought’ another for a member of his crew.

The 26-year-old rapper was seen on Wednesday making the deal at Calabasas Luxury Motorcars – the same dealership where Scott Disick serves as president.

Tyga was seen scooting around the car park his fine set of wheels that he purchased as a Christmas gift to himself last December.

What a guy: Tyga – pictured on May 12 – plunked down around $200k to buy a member of his crew a new Lamborghini at Scott Disick’s Calabasas Luxury Motorcars on Wednesday

The For The Road singer plunked down around $200,000 for a shiny yellow Lamborghini and his friend obviously appreciated the gesture.

His pal was seen standing on the curb in front of the showroom, giving Tyga the thumbs up.

Once the deal was done, Tyga drove off his green Lamborghini and his friend followed him in the new luxury sports car with CLM plates.

Look at me: The 26-year-old rapper was seen pulling into the car park in his own fancy set of wheels

Not too shabby: Tyga 'bought' his friend a yellow Lamborghini to match his own Italian luxury sports car

Thanks: Tyga's pal obviously knew which car he wanted

Thanks: Tyga’s pal obviously knew which car he wanted

Every time he takes his Lamborghini out for a spin, Tyga gets noticed by the girls.

So naturally he wants his friends to experience the admiration too.

Heads turned as Kylie Jenner’s former boyfriend rolled up to 1Oak nightclub on Sunday in his eye-catching vehicle.

A few blocks away, Kylie, 18, was making her presence known at The Nice Guy in West Hollywood.

The couple broke up just before the Met Gala and Tyga has reportedly been seeing a Kylie lookalike, Demi Rose.

Meanwhile, Rob Kardashian’s pregnant fiancee Blac Chyna has been seen scooting around town in a brand new purple Lamborghini.