Ready to do anything to reach the million!

Lena The Plug, an American Youtubeuse, to find the way to make talk about her. Native of Los Angeles, California, the young woman promised to turn a sextape if she reached the million subscribers on her channel Youtube. In just two weeks, her video has already been seen more than 6 million times and Lena The Plug has grown from 33,000 subscribers to 547,000.

A nice advertisement for this Youtubeuse who regularly posts videos of her in light dress, and in which she tells her life without complex. In her “vlogs”, she explains for example why she wants to have her breasts redone, gives her feelings on the breast implants, or how and why she let her best friend sleep with her boyfriend.

The description of his channel also leaves no doubt as to his main motivations: “I have big buttocks and you are surely there to watch them.” Lena The Plug admits she has already been contacted to shoot in porn movies but she does not want to play in it. On the other hand, the idea of ​​performing a sextape with “someone she loves” does not bother her.

So, will Lena The Plug keep its promise? To be continued …