Rayssa Teixeiro Melo has won praise for standing up to the creepy sun lotion ‘expert’

THIS is the memorable moment a bikini-wearing model lashes out at a presenter with wandering hands as he ‘demonstrates’ the importance of applying suncream properly and turns his attention to her bottom cheeks.

Brazilian TV bosses opted for a bizarre combination of a pretty brunette scantily clad in a bikini top and a cheeky male presenter to educate viewers on sun protection.

The bizarre bikini demonstration was supposed to demonstrate suncream safety to Brazilian audiences

The meaning of the word “no” seems to be a difficult one for some men to grasp.

So when this bikini model told a creepy TV presenter to keep his hands off her backside during a gratuitous sunscreen demonstration, he presumably thought she was joking.

So you can imagine his confusion when, after doing precisely what he was instructed not to do, he got a massive slap round the face and had bottles of sunblock launched at him live on television.

The model, Rayssa Teixeiro Melo, has won praise online for her response to the lascivious lech’s brazen bum-grab, which happened during a supposed health segment of a Brazilian TV show.

The presenter pushes his luck and begins applying suncream to her bum

Bikini-clad Brazilian Rayssa Teixeiro Melo then launches at the cheeky fumbler as the cameras roll

His hands wandered to her backside a total of three times

The internet famous model lashes out at the presenter with a slap around the face