Tired of having your underwear show through your dress? Then this could be the sticky solution for you.

A company in the US have come up with a new range of strapless underwear which has been hailed as the ‘missing link’ in lingerie.

The cheeky cover-ups are designed to be smoothed over the nipples and nether regions.Shibue Couture's sticky underwear

The flesh-coloured garments are made up of a piece of fabric coated with a sticky gel to keep everything in place.

After each use you simply peel them off and chuck them in the wash, ready to be used again.

Shibue Couture's sticky underwearThe range is the brainchild of American designer Jenny Buettner who came up with the idea after she wasn’t able to find underwear that did not show underneath her sleek silk gown.Shibue Couture's sticky underwear

Each pair of underwear costs around £12 while a full body set would set you back around £20.

And it’s not just for women – the company also sell their own brand of stick-on ‘thong’ for men which costs an eye-watering £22.


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