I was probably pretty late in losing my virginity at 18; because i spent my high-school life in a single school, so there were no boys around. Of course, I fantasized and masturbated but I didn’t really have many opportunities for kissing, let alone sex. Some of the girls did experiment with each other. I never did, it just wasn’t something I was even curious about.


A while back I decided I didn’t want to take the chance that I would die a virgin…so I would have sex. In fact, I’d have sex in the next couple of days, before I got back home and got surrounded by families. I know it was irrational and hormonally guided, but I thought the way I did.
I had met a guy named Justin. My age, tall, quite good looking at one of those parties I had been to with my classmates. We had kissed and danced close. He wasn’t the type that would brag about sleeping with someone so I called him up and asked if he wanted to meet for a lunch. I think he got quite a shock when he saw me. I’ll simply say my assets were fully displayed.

We had an easy conversation; he told me that he is a level 2 student in Applied Chemistry. We talked until the restaurant started to get very noisy, then he asked me to go check where he lives. When we got there, i tried to give him a peck on his cheek as to say goodbye. he moved away and he said, `Why don’t you see me all the way to my room, you can even come in if you like.’

`Sure,’ i said with a slight smile. As we walked towards his single-room house, I realized I felt scared. I really wanted this to happen, but I wasn’t sure what would happen once we got into the room. When we got into the room, we sat on the bed and kissed. It was slightly awkward and more than a bit tentative on both sides. I thought that a bit of kissing session was all that would happen. Not unlike what happened weeks before. After a very long time, I moved away from his lips and whispered in his ear;make love to me

`Uhm, um I oh.’ Justin said. I closed my eyes and had a sinking feeling; he was going to reject me and was trying to find the right words.

`Look I uhm well, I have never done it before,’ Justin said.

`No neither have I, but I want to…now with you,’ I said. He took a deep breath then coughed slightly, closed his eyes for a moment.

`Yes I want too,’ he said.

I threw my arms around him and we embraced for a moment, my heart was racing and I could feel his thumping against me as I held him. I opened purse and took out the packet of condoms I had got earlier. Justin smiled and took a similar packet from his pocket. I smiled back. Then we undressed. There was no removing of each others clothes or anything like that. We both silently undressed at the same time. I could see Justin looking wide-eyed when I removed my dress, I had no bra on so I was instantly topless. when he started undoing his belt I looked away and carried on undressing.

When we were both naked, we sort of looked at each other. Justin’s cock was hard but what shocked me was his public hair. There was so much of it, thick, black and curly. Not at all like the pictures I had seen in biology books, or the occasional adult magazine smuggled into the dorm.

Awkwardly, we embraced and kissed. I felt his cock against me. I could feel his heart beating and I knew I was shaking. Neither of us said anything but we held each other perhaps too scared to move. Slowly, I loosened my embrace and we parted. I got onto the bed and lay down. Justin took a step forward and picked up one of the packets of condoms. I watched as he opened up the box took out a condom in foil and ripped it open. I realized I was barely breathing and I had to take a slow deep breath to try to calm down. Justin was able to put the condom on and looked at me, I smiled and opened my legs and bent my knees. I was beyond nervous, trembling, my heart thumping and wondered what was actually about to happen.

Justin knelt between my legs and then leaned forward so that he was on top of me and over me. I could feel his cock near me and I tried to shift my position. Neither of us knew what we were doing and it took a bit of wiggling about before I felt his cock pushing against the entrance of my p**sy.

`Yes that’s right,’ I whispered.
Slowly I felt Justin’s cock pushing into me, I’d only ever had my own fingers inside me before and Justin’s cock was much larger…
This was my best life experience ever

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