Tom Hiddlestone the actor who has been seen many times with the famous singer Taylor swift has opened up and showed her how much he loved her not caring if the Paparazzis were taking pictures l with a tank top and a tatoo in form of a heart that he had on this Monday according to Dailymail The couple was in a good company with an A list group of friends namely Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively,Ruby Rose, Gigi Hadid and others….. 35EC868A00000578-3672998-Water_lot_of_fun_The_popstar_had_a_laugh_splashing_anyone_who_ca-m-24_146762846982435EE6A6C00000578-3672998-Woo_hoo_New_couple_Tom_and_Taylor_were_playing_around_like_a_cou-a-36_146762868798535EC822100000578-3672998-Little_help_She_wasn_t_sure_what_to_do_with_her_shades_when_she_-m-27_146762851327435EC815B00000578-3672998-Been_there_done_that_Tom_35_wasn_t_shy_about_declaring_his_feeli-m-11_146762831847735EC834A00000578-3672998-Fit_Taylor_26_wore_a_cute_two_piece_bikini_that_showed_off_her_f-m-2_1467616576936

We recently saw the couple in company of Tom’s parents now we can’t help but ask ourselves if He’s soon going to put the ring on Taylor’s finger!!!!!!