Britney Spears – 2001 vs. 2009


Okay, so you had tight abs and a perfectly toned physique in 2001 (when you were 20). So you’ve had a couple of kids and a mental breakdown or two during the intervening decade, but don’t you know that’s no excuse at all and that everyone still wants you to look as slim and fit today as you did in your younger years. Hop to it; run to the fountain of youth, grab some miracle diet pills, become a Scientologist or do whatever else it is that Hollywood types do to worship at the alter of eternal youth once more. Chop chop.

Alec Baldwin – 1994 vs. 2012


Oh, Alec. I look at the pictures of you when you were younger and have to wipe the drool (and nacho dip) off of my chin. Okay, mostly nacho dip. I always thought he looked especially handsome in the juror. I’m not sure why, exactly, but those are the memories I had of being dreamy eyed over this particular piece of man. Enter the 30 Rock days, and he’s still a great actor (with a ton of Screen Actors’ Guild awards to boot), but he’s more entertaining than mouthwatering these days. Too bad.

Kirstie Alley – 1989 vs. 2009


Kirstie Alley managed to look 80s fab in Look Who’s Talking and Look Who’s Talking Too, even after two on-screen children, so why should she let real life get in the way of a fit bod. Oh yeah, maybe because it’s real life. Alley’s weight has yo-yo’d back and forth for years, but she still manages to maintain an amazing career regardless of where on the scale she fits in, recently winning second place in Dancing with the Stars. Alley manages to always comport herself in a classy manner, so why be caught up on her weight?

Jessica Simpson – 2005 vs. 2011


Much like Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson is now in her 30s with two kids so why oh why do we expect her to look as thin and firm as she did at 20? Age has an effect on us all, and Simpson seems to be leading a good life, so her on and off weight issues don’t seem to be affecting her too much. Some people might be able to spend all day at the gym with a personal trainer, but others have better things to do. Yes, health and fitness are important – very important. But tight abs aren’t the be all and end all of living a fun and fulfilling life.

Janet Jackson – 2001 vs. 2006


Here’s one person you wouldn’t recognize at all if you saw her walking down the street. In fact, with the hoodie and baseball cap she sometimes sports, you might not even be able to see her face. Janet Jackson doesn’t come out into the public eye much these days, and when she does, it’s to support the career of her designer husband rather than to further a career of her own. Being in the public eye seems exhausting, so I can’t say I blame her, but a few small things could make a big difference. Ditch the baseball cap and take some fashion advice from hubby, then invest in some quality cosmetics to get back your old glow. Our favorite line (and the fav among many A-listers) is Onsen. Get rid of wrinkles for a night on the red carpet with the limited addition wrinkle release syringe, which works instantly, or play the long game with the basic face collection or a nice mask. Either way, you can look great even with a few extra pounds, Janet! There’s no need to hide.

Kelly Clarkson – 2002 vs. 2011

After catapulting onto the world stage through American Idol fame, Clarkson has launched a successful career in the music industry. She also married her talent manager and now has a two year old baby girl. Surprise, surprise, she no longer has the same slim bod she once did. The public seems to be on her side though, and have roundly and soundly put Katie Hopkins in her place after she criticized Clarkson for her weight.