IN tonight’s episode of Love Island we’ll see the last couple to spend the night in the Hideaway — but did they take full advantage?The Islanders receive a text saying that the love nest will be open for just one more time and they have to vote who should enjoy the final night.They decide to vote for Adam and Katie — but he doesn’t seem pleased.Alex and Scott try to give him a pep talk and a bit of manly advice.


“[Me and Olivia] have sex every night. This is your time – you’ve got a night away in the Hideaway with Katie,” Alex says.

katie love island

“I did think, ‘Are we going to get the full use of that, for what it’s used for?’ Probably not,” Adam explains.

Alex tries to calm him down and insists there’s “no pressure” for the couple to have sex.

alex love island

And then Scott offers perhaps the best musical themed advice we’ve ever heard.”All I’m saying is, you need to go past first base. Just go in there and let it flow. ‘This is Your Moment’, Martine McCutcheon,” Scott says.The couple then head to the Hideaway for their alone time

love island katie adam

Katie strips down to her underwear and he gives her a massage.But just as things began to heat up, Adam rolls over and goes to sleep.Romance…




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