Nowadays power bank is a must have gadget, this small device can power your phone and other handheld devices anytime, anywhere. But unfortunately it can also be a dangerous thing for you and in your home. “Power bank can kill you,” yes, it can and a Nigerian woman became a victim of it recently.

According to mymobnet, the young Nigerian girl recharges her power bank and placed it on her chest and fell asleep.


As she was sleeping, the power bank overheated, burnt her skin three degrees deep then she got electrocuted and died on her sleep. Her parents found her dead the next morning with the device stuck deep in her upper right chest.

pb kills 1


Let this be a warning to all of us not just the power bank user and owner that electronic devices are not to be taken lightly especially those that stored energy. And always remember to keep distance from these devices, importantly from combustible materials when going to sleep.