1949 Hollywood screen goddess, Hedy Lamarr stars in "Samson and Delilah" directed by Cecil B. De Mille.

Delilah ~ Samson’s secret exposed!

Delilah was one of the most famous of the Bad Bible Women. She was a beautiful Philistine woman, and a successful courtesan. Samson loved her, in his way – he once described making love with his wife as ‘ploughing with my heifer…’.


Despite an appalling record of violence, Samson was a hero to the Johnny-come-lately Hebrew settlers who were trying to find a place for themselves in a land already occupied by Canaanites and Philistines.




amson was enormously strong, and people believed this must be because of some magic secret. Some Philistine leaders approached Delilah and offered her an immense sum of money if she found out the secret of Samson’s strength, which of course they wanted to destroy.

Three times she asked him, and three times he gave a false answer. Eventually he told her that his strength resided in his hair which, since it had never been cut, was far more plentiful that any other man’s.
Without his hair – and therefore his strength – Samson was easily overpowered: ‘the Lord had left him’.Since he was probably only a customer to Delilah, and since the money she would get for the secret would be enough to release her from her life of prostitution, she gave his secret away. She called the Philistines, and while Samson slept she allowed them to cut off his luxuriant hair.