the numbers are in — and Prince Harry is the royal family’s resident globetrotter this year!

The annual survey of the royal family’s many public engagements, compiled every year by Tim O’Donovan, was published today by the U.K.’s The Times paper. And this year, Prince Harry is granted the coveted title of “most traveled” royal of 2016 after racking up 61,800 miles of overseas engagements.

He earned those miles from visits to the Caribbean, Nepal and Florida for the Invictus Games. Of course, he did some personal traveling, too: Harry flew to Toronto to visit girlfriend Meghan Markle, though those personal visits don’t count toward the 61,800 miles flown for official duties.

Though Harry may be the family’s most traveled, it’s Prince Charles who is the family’s most active. In 2016, he attended 530 engagements both at home and abroad.

His sister, Princess Anne, who was the most active royal in 2015, follows just behind him with 509. Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, didn’t do quite as many as her husband, but still racked up an impressive 221 engagements throughout the year.

The family’s eldest members aren’t using age as an excuse to be much less active: The Queen, who turned 90 this year, and Prince Philip, who turned 95, made 332 and 219 appearances at various engagements throughout the year, respectively.

However, that number is smaller for both than it was in 2015 — understandable, considering they’re both in their 90s! Both have been lessening their workload recently, with the Queen handing off patronage of 25 charities to various younger members of her family at the end of the year.

Prince William and Princess Kate both significantly increased the number of engagements they took on this year in comparison to last. William undertook 188 in 2016, while in 2015 he did 122. Kate did 140 in 2016, compared to just 62 last year — a number that is explained by Princess Charlotte’s birth.