Yes, National Selfie Day is a thing in the United States, and took place yesterday.But throughout the day, we didn’t get a single sexy snap from Kim, leaving us worrying that she had given up on photography or broke her iPhone.

However, as June 21 came to an end Stateside, the 35-year-old sprung a raunchy snap on her eager fans.pic shows too much cleavage and pu$$y covered in white underwear

Kim Kardashian takes selfie down top




The mum-of-two’s followers were instantly appreciative, with the pic racking up over 200,000 likes in just 40 minutes. but she used to burn social media using her provocative body

Kim Kardashian naked selfie
Kim Kardashian naked selfie

Mrs Kardashian-West is known for her selfies that pretty much break the internet and for that she is famous as well as she makes money from what other call nasty stuff

Kim Kardashian swimsuit belfie