The facts took place in Ohio, USA. Andrew Hall, a young man who was quietly stealing, left seven teeth.

Andrew Hall was in his bathroom, and was steaming. For a long time, he has left tobacco cigarettes for electronic cigarettes. That suited him very well for now. But not sure that after what happened to him, he wanted to smoke again with this machine. Indeed, all of a sudden, the electronic cigarette exploded in his face, in the mouth. Andrew found his mouth bleeding, and lost 7 teeth on the spot. A shock for the one who ensures not to have done wrong by mounting the machine.

“I’ve been stealing for a year and I guarantee you that I did not do anything forbidden. But this thing really exploded in my face. “Explained the man.

cigarette explosive

media cigarette

“I know that stealing helps a lot of people quit smoking and that’s a good thing. But I still want to warn as this can explode. I also thought it was impossible. ” he declared.

USA : Sa cigarette électronique lui explose en pleine bouche, il perd 7 dents ! [PHOTOS]