we can say that Privacy is well and truly dead. because Reality star’s botched boob job corrected live on camera – and the transformation is epic.”Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Jessica Dime got a boob upgrade by downsizing … from triple Ds to singles!


Jessica Dime before boob job

Need proof? Look no further than Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Jessica Dime’s latest plastic surgery blowout.The reality vixen has long had insecurities about her breasts, claiming they were wonky and didn’t fit her frame.Queue Dr Miami, celeb plastic surgeon extraordinaire, to step in and save the day

Jessica Dime after boob job
Jessica Dime after boob job

The cosmetic wiz, real name Michael Salzhauer, replaced the star’s DDD saline implants for single D silicon ones, for a more balanced look.While he was at it, he also gave Jess a lift by removing excess skin, correcting the lopsidedness in the process.The surgery lasted a total of two hours and was captured in for detail on Snapchat.“Special thanks to @TheRealDrMiami! Thanks for everything! The staff were amazing and so were you!” she wrote.

Jess isn’t the only reality star to indulge in an epic boob makeover.

Aussie bombshell Skye Wheatley vowed to never get her boobs out again after a a car crash Bangkok Boob job left her with severely misshapen assets.