Kanye West only released his video for “Famous” last month, but Kim Kardashian warned Scott Disick and Kris Jenner what to expect way in advance!Kardashian, 35, sat down Jenner, 60, and Disick, 33 — and didn’t get the reaction she was looking for!“I need to like brace you,” she started. “Kanye is going to shoot a music video for the song ‘Famous.’”



“The people that the video is about, is like, Amber Rose, Ray-J, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, and Caitlyn,” she explained.“Caitlyn?” both Disick and Jenner questioned.“Caitlyn Jenner,” Kardashian confirmed, adding, “there’s nudity, technically.”

Jenner adds that she thinks West is obessed with her ex-husband, and Kardashian explained it’s because West thinks the Olympian is authentic.


Disick then asked Kardashian about the feud between Swift and West, since she allegedly knew about the song.

RadarOnline.com previously reported that Kardashian claimed West called Swift before releasing the song, and had the call with her approval on video. However,Swift Denies The Claims , and according to Kardashian, is “playing the victim” again.