Two small and seemingly harmless pimples appeared on the chest of Hadija Makokhha and before long, they had grown into huge tumours, denying the teenager a normal life. Robert Amalemba spoke to her grandmother about the life-saving operation she underwent and the girl’s future

Tell us about yourself…

I am Fosca Mugeni, 55 years old and grandmother to Hadija Makokhha who is now 14 years old. She developed a rare breast condition that doctors called Gigantomastia, due to sensitive tissues that made her breasts weigh about 10 kilograms.

How did the condition start?

Small pimples appeared on the lower part of her breasts and later developed into big growths. One weighed five and a half kilos and the other four and a half kilos. I was worried about her and kept wondering what had befallen my granddaughter.

How did the condition affect you and the child?

The condition affected her self-esteem and health as a teenager.

She feared associating with her peers because most of them kept mocking her.

I moved her from school to school hoping to change the environment, but it couldn’t help because the condition worsened.

Worse still, villagers picked the gossip that she had been bewitched and my lovely granddaughter couldn’t hide anymore. She wept all the time.

When did she drop out of school?

In class four when the condition was no longer bearable.


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