Brazilian Model ,Alessandra Ambrosio let her dress blow up to flash her undies,she should have retain this lesson from Marilyn Monroe who did the same case during  Promo shoot for her 1955 comedy.



Give Alessandra ‘s Malibu photo shoot a quick glance and you’d think she’s giving her lady parts a breath of fresh air … in public.

Now look closer. Yeah, sorry — the Victoria’s Secret model was mostly covered below the belt. As much as a thong can cover, anyway. The shoot was reportedly for a perfume ad.


We see London, we see France... : Brazilian bombshell Alessandra Ambrosio couldn't keep her dress down during a shoot for her Ale fragrance in Malibu on Friday

Strong wind: The Victoria's Secret vet had her light pink gown blown up several times by the wind as she tried to pose away on the beach

Oh what the heck: At one point the mother-of-two pulled up the long dress so she could walk up the beach, not seeming to care that by doing so she was just further exposing her skimpy underwear

The leggy beauty accidentally showed off dainty pink undies that had very small straps. But it didn’t seem to be her fault as the dress had several light-as-a-feather panels that were cut all the way to the waistline, making it almost impossible not to have a wardrobe malfunction.


Darn this gown: Even though the mannequin held onto the flimsy dress, it still kept exposing her lingerie