Male version of Kim Kardashian Ruby Rue is extremely proud of his ass! This is apparent if you just scroll on his Instagram page . The 18-year-old Australian is clearly huge fan of Kim Kardashian! Due to its racy photos he is currently making furore in several Asian countries and ensure the plates regularly, straight men, confusion ! :

Ruby Rue, 18, is taking Instagram by storm with his own pert bottom and he isn’t shy about showing it off for his followers on the social media website.

The aspiring teen star from Melbourne describes himself as a “pretty boy” and has amassed a large following of almost 5,000 fans as he shares snaps of his pouting smile and plenty of belfies.

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The male version of Kim Kardashian
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Getting very cheeky

 Rue is taking it further.

“OMG! Those curves,” commented one follower.

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Ruby Rue is clearly proud of his behind

The original

His social media is full of cheeky snaps, and it comes months after he had to start again after hackers got into his previous account.

“Hello, my favorite followers,” he wrote announcing his return.


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