he is able to lift 1755 kg which is almost same weight to those 2  babies of elephants ,Sajad Gharibi who is known as Persian Hercules has driven internet so crazy.

This is the Persian Hercules or Iranian Hulk, a huge weightlifter from Iran who is astounding social media with his sheer physical size

Sajad has around 60k instagram followers,all those followers are amazed by his post which show Sajad as daily life espacially Weightlifting

Sajad Gharibi, 24, who is known as the Persian Hercules online, weighs an enormous 24 stone, almost all of which is muscle

The man is pictured in various images showing his huge frame and bulging muscles, which have earned him the name of Hulk or Hercules.

The Hulk-lookalike has more than 59,000 followers on Instagram

However those who known Sajad assure that despite his grizzly appearance, Sajad has a big heart and is a gentle giant.

The weightlifter likes to take pictures with objects that look smaller when held next to him