Kenyan artist DJ Xpect has produced a remix for “In Common” and it has been chosen by Alicia Keys as one of the official remixes of her hit. You’ll love this Afrobeats version for sure!

His name is Peter Kerre aka DJ Xpect. You may not know him but he’s the one who has produced one of the four official “In Common” remixes. This mix of African percussion instruments and electro beats has particularly pleased Twitter users who thought it was the best track among all the other remixes.

DJ Xpect

Alicia Keys’ husband Swizz Beatz put up a Twitter poll so that users could vote for their favorite remix between Dj Xpect’s, Lil Silva’s, Kenny Dope’s and Black Coffee’s. DJ Xpect won and even beat DJ Black Coffee who also made an excellent version.

The Kenyan DJ who graduated from Harvard University had trouble getting an audience because of his particular style. He told Daily Nation: “I have always wanted to do my own unique sound different from Afro-beat and Afro-house”. His “In Common” remix is a mix of different genres, going from African percussions instruments to electro beats and R&B through Alicia Keys’ voice.

Let’s hope this remix will help DJ Xpect get worldwide recognition !


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