While the two have been laying low in regards to their rumored on-and-off relationship, they haven’t posted any photos with each other in weeks. However, the last time they were seen together at the MTV VMAs back in August 2016, they looked very happy. Nicki and Meek walked the red carpet just two weeks after MTO originally reported they had split, August 12. The site claimed the two were just on different pages; Meek wanted the “hood” life, and Nicki was into finer things, like “fashion shows and museums.” They even reported that it wasn’t a mutual split, and that Nicki wanted out and Meek was crawling back to her. Hmm…
Image result for meek and nickiMeek Mill, 29, deleted his Instagram Oct. 17, after a going off on an angry rant, where he said, “B****es are temporary,” according to MediaTakeOut. This led people to believe he could have been referring to Nicki. MTO is also claiming Nicki and Meek are “estranged.”