Maitland may be the best Snapchatter ever. It all begins with a desire to break the rules. Well the one rule that needs to be broken regarding no nudity. It’s a fine rule for the kids, keep them in line. For the veteran hotties with solid knowing control of their sextastic, it clearly needs to be optional, leaning toward mandatory.

Maitland takes the best social media pictures really. When you start throwing in her bravado to add some spice with bare funbags you start getting into Arthur Ashe courage award levels of heroism. Though not the fake Bruce Jenner kind. Maitland, no matter what they tell you, social media was designed clearly for more reveals of the alluring members of our fairer gender. You’re not break rules, you’re busting outdated censorship. Let the melons fly, it’s summer and we’re mighty parched.


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