Unfortunately, we live in a world where plastic and fake (read – makeup’d as hell) appearance is considered as beautiful… For example, all eyes, as well as camera lenses are on Kim Kardashian or Amber Rose! Okay, we have to admit that the brain simply does not allow the eyes to look elsewhere when her enormous behind is in the shot… But making her an ideally shaped woman is far from what we consider normal thinking. Think we’re wrong? Just take a look at the following photos of female athletes who have carved their PERFECT bodies through sport, not with the help of a surgeon… And then tell us if we were wrong.

Jen Setler

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Jen Selter is a girl who is famous for promoting healthy living and fitness. Oh yeah, she is also famous for her unbelievably shaped booty! She has over 8M followers on Instagram, and more than 24M followers on social media accounts in general. Mostly because people want to take a look at her behind…

Alana Blanchard

Another Pro Surfer who has the waves to thank for such a sexy tooshes! She has 6 championship wins behind her, and is getting more and more stronger every year. Alana is also a model for Rip Curl Swimwear, where she also designs wetsuits.

Anastasia Ashley


This Pro Surfer chick is a surfer as long as she remembers, and her perfect body and beautiful behind, is a result of a strong physical activity, such as paddling on the board while you try to catch a wave.

Allison Stokke

Leryn Franco

When she appeared in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, as a Paraguayan Javelin Throw athlete, she instantly won the hearts of many men, with her amazing body, sexy behind, and a beautiful face.

Chelsey Morris

Not an actual athlete, but a cheerleader for Philadelphia Eagles. But, since Chelsey is also a professional dancer, her butt and the rest of the body have to be in pretty good shape!

Anais Zanotti

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Anais Zanotti is a French model and stunt woman of French and Italian ancestry who lives in Miami, Florida

Anastasia Kvitko

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Ravie Roso

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