As many of you knows, yesterday Justin Bieber has released his Justmojis but many people we suprised that he didn’t not make any emojis of him with Selena Gomez.

While many of his fans tought that it was because he was angry about her, it seems that it was just because of respect that Justin didn’t make any emoji of him with Selena Gomez.

As an insider has told hollywoodlife, Justin Bieber didn’t put Selena Gomez in his emojis becuase of her request!

“When they were coming up with ideas for Justin’s app, there were many suggestions for what images to use. One idea was to use that famous picture of Justin and Selena kissing in the pool, but that idea was vetoed,” a source told hollywoodlife.


“Selena has made it very clear to Justin that she wants to move on so he doesn’t feel the need to include her. But she’s still very much on his mind because he chose to leave all his other girls out too and that was all about not hurting Selena’s feelings. He still cares very much about her, like he has said himself — they shared a very special love and that will never die,” the source adds.