You see, Taylor has hated Justin for, like, ever, out of loyalty to Selena  — and it seems that the feeling is more than mutual. Surprisingly, Justin has always taken the high road when it comes to Taylor (at least publicly) while T was caught in THIS infamous moment back in 2013, The Ick Heard ‘Round The World:

But Justin seems oh so ready to throw back a little shade of his own. Check out his latest Insta and cackle with fiendish glee right along with me:

Taylor swift what up

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Hahahahahah! Oh yes, that would be JB FaceTiming with Kanye West and making his position in the feud ABUNDANTLY clear.

And why would he be on any team other than Yezzy and kim Justin’s been a friend of the Kardashian family–and, ahem, more, than a friend to Kourtney–for years and Taylor has been the bitchy BFF of his first love, forever hissing anti-Bieber things in Selena’s ear.


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