Do you really like love strories ? The Sun has publish incredible story which melted many hearts ,if you always ask yourself the existance of real love,read This :

A YOUNG mum has revealed how she lost her virginity at 22 to a grey-haired pensioner called WILLIE who is 38 years her senior.

just five months after meeting, Jen fell pregnant with their first child James, now, three

Coy Jen Rennie, now 26, fell for Willie Rennie, 64, in the summer of 2012, when she met him on a country estate while on work experience at college.

Jen Rennie fell for gardener Willie while she was on work experience, despite him being generations older than her

College student Jen Rennie fell for gardener Willie while she was on work experience, despite him being generations older than her

Willie was the gardener at Auchincruive Estate in South Ayrshire, Scotland, when he won countryside management student Jen’s heart, despite being seven years older than her parents.

Within three months the smitten pair became a couple and decided to start a family.

Now, Jen, of Ayr, Scotland, has shared their romantic story – recalling how the first time she saw his wrinkled arms she felt butterflies in her stomach.

She explained: “Willie was my first kiss, my first love, my first everything.

“He is tall, dark and handsome – except he has grey hair. He is my silver fox and I adore him.

“I look at him and I love everything about him. Our age gap doesn’t matter. We are like two peas in a pod, true soul mates.”

Jen, who was living at home with her parents Michael McCubbin, 57, and Lesley, 49, was introduced to Willie by a colleague.

Despite him being born in 1953 – generations before her – she was smitten.

They chatted about their mutual love of animals and Willie shared memories of his long life.

“We just clicked,” she said. “I knew I liked him as soon as I saw him.

“As I got to know him more at lunch times and in our tea breaks, I loved his sense of humour and started thinking about him in a different way.

“But we took things slowly to start. I was nervous because I had never had a boyfriend before, never mind a much older one.”

Despite his mature years, Willie’s dating experience was almost as limited as his young girlfriend’s.

He had only slept with one woman before he met Jen and had resigned himself to a single life.

Willie confessed: “I had been with a woman in my 20s and that was it.

“I was 56 and I truly never thought I would meet anyone again.

“But when I met Jen, it just felt perfect, like our love and little family was meant to be.”

They started meeting up outside of work and shared their first kiss on Willie’s sofa after a romantic coastal walk in August 2012.

And despite never having locked lips with anyone before, it was Jen who made the first move.

Later that night, Jen stayed in Willie’s double bed for the first time.

Though nothing sexual happened between them, she said that simply lying together “felt right”.

Then, two months later the pair made love – with Willie, now retired, taking Jen’s virginity.

“We were nervous about having sex for the first time together, because we were both so inexperienced,” Jen recalled.

“But Willie is kind and gentle, and the sex was really good – well as good as sex can be for the first time.”

From there, Jen started spending more time at Willie’s ground floor flat, and once in the throes of passion, things moved quickly.

Jen admitted: “Only when we were talking about children did I actually think about our 37-year age difference.

“I knew I definitely wanted children – that was always on my list of things to agree on if I was in a relationship with someone.”

It was the first time their age gap mattered, so they decided not to delay starting a family.

And just five months after meeting, Jen became pregnant with their first child James, now three.

Then, just a few months later, in April 2013, Willie proposed in the sitting room of his flat, getting down on one knee while Jen watched TV.

They tied the knot at Auchincruive estate, where they met, in a humanist ceremony in August 2014.

In 2015 they had their second baby Emily, now 13 months, and are now considering having more children.

While they have a fiercely strong bond, Jen claims their relationship is about love and friendship, not sex.

She said: “We don’t have sex very often. Not because we don’t want to, but because we feel we don’t need to.

“We love each other, but sex isn’t a big part of our relationship.

“We have such a deep connection that we don’t feel like we have to do it all the time. Our love goes deeper than sex.”

Willie added: “Age doesn’t matter one bit. I am so happy I found my perfect woman in Jen.