The government of Eritrea, a country in the Horn of Africa, is asking men to marry more than one woman under penalty of imprisonment. The power of this country obliges men to be polygamous or to be prosecuted.

A law has been made public on this subject: “On the basis of God’s judgment about polygamy and the present circumstances of the country (many more women than men), the Eritrean department Of Religious Affairs took the following decisions. First, all men will have to marry at least two women and the opponent can serve a life sentence with hard labor “.

Threats are not, however, only for men because it states: “A woman who tries to dissuade her husband from marrying another woman is liable to imprisonment for life”.
According to the government, all men should marry as many women as possible and have as many children as possible to catch up with the deficit caused by the war between the country and neighboring Ethiopia. The majority of the men welcomed the news with joy, a minority finding that the decision goes against human rights. Several women are formally opposed.