As the all-stars got to know each other a little better, they decided to play a game of spin the bottle.

Uncomfortable with kissing anyone on the first day, Jess Impiazzi told the gang that she wasn’t going to participate in the game and kiss Gaz Beadle.

Liam Lewis described her as “the fun sponge” while CBB’s Bear mocked her.

“Hang on a minute, that’s not the rule,” he snapped when she declined to share a snog with anyone.

Jess hit back: “My point is I don’t want to be kissing everybody straight away, thanks very much.”

Liam is keen

Jordan Davies then suggested that everyone play spin the handshake which fired up Jess even more.

She continued: “That’s my prerogative to choose if I want to do that or not.”

The actress explained how she was mugged off by Rogan O’Connor last time and that she didn’t want that to happen again.

Chloe Goodman then stepped in, saying that not everyone wanted to “suck someone off on the first day” and said that Liam was worst than thrush.

Gaz and Jemma "get to know" each otherMTV

NIGHT ONE: Gaz and Jemma “get to know” each other