bad News  arrives in ears of MMA fans that Mixed martial artist and UFC fighter Kimbo Slice has died at the age of 42, and multiple sources have confirmed this,Kimbo was born Kevin Ferguson In Bahamas, brought to fame by video of himself as street fighter posted on You tube.

Mixed martial artist Kimbo Slice has died at the age of 42, Bellator MMA confirmed

Death of Charsmatic fighter was confirmed by TMZ and CNN ,he was hospitalised before he dies.

Despite his financial hardship, Slice told ESPN: ‘To hurt someone vulnerable, I just couldn’t do it like that.’You want to be a good father and productive citizen. I could have been on the cover of the newspaper as a killer.

‘I had to fight with myself not to hurt people, some serious mental wars. But who would have raised my boys? They would have grown up knowing their dad died another violent death.

He signed with Elite XC and UFC, and then briefly pursued professional boxing before returning to MMA with Bellator (pictured, Slice facing off against Matt Mitrione in 2010)

In one particular video of Slice posted on You tube, he approached a group of strangers who agreed to let Slice punch them in exchange for $50.

Slice was dubbed the ‘The King of the Web Brawlers’ after Rolling Stone ran a feature on him in 2006, and he made his transition to professional mixed martial arts in 2008.  and this was the time he becames famous and signed with  Elite XC and UFC,