THE wardrobe malfunction is an occupational hazard in the life of a professional lingerie model – as this stunning brunette found out during a recent show.

The clip shows Instagram stunner Sofia Jamora skipping down the runway while showing off the latest look for US designer Frankies Bikinis.

She clearly seems to be enjoying herself, breaking into a dance before she reaches the end of the catwalk as she loses herself in the music.

But the climax of the show occurs after she stops in front of photographers to pose in the swimwear, busting out her moves once again.

However, this time the curvy beauty accidentally wiggles her boob free of her bikini, flashing a nipple at the crowd.

She swivels and readjusts herself as the video ends.

More than 30,000 people have seen the clip since it was uploaded to YouTube, with users on social media site Reddit recirculating the footage in recent weeks while remembering some of their favourite wardrobe malfunctions.