Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea has reportedly been implicated in a police probe into a porn director accused of running a child prostitution ring.

Reports said a protected witness in the case against pornographer Ignacio Allende Fernández – better known as ‘Torbe’ – claimed de Gea set up a date between her, one other girl, and two Spanish Under-21 players in 2012.

Sources close to de Gea said he remained relatively calm and intended to stay with the Spain national team for the duration of Euro 2016.

The Spain goalkeeper, pictured with girlfriend Edurne Garcia, has been linked to a sexual assault scandal

Spain goalkeeper David de Gea has been implicated in the ongoing case against pornography entrepreneur Ignacio Allende Fernandez, better known as Torbe

Spain goalkeeper David de Gea has been implicated in the ongoing case against pornography entrepreneur Ignacio Allende Fernandez, better known as Torbe

Pot-bellied director ‘Torbe’ was arrested and remanded in jail in April after being accused of running a prostitution ring and using under-age girls for his shoots.

The unnamed witness told investigators she had sex with two footballers in 2012 at a five-star hotel in Madrid, according to reports in the Spanish media.

She said the two footballers – who do not include de Gea – were members of Spain’s under-21 team at the time.

According to reports in Spain, one is Athletic Bilbao forward Iker Muniain but the woman was unable to identify the second player at the time.

She claimed the meet had been set up by de Gea and Torbe.

According to spanish online newspaper she was warned to keep her mouth shut about what had happened. The newspaper also said the money she had been promised never materialised.

Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea (pictured yesterday) has reportedly been implicated in a police probe into a porn director accused of running a child prostitution ring

A protected witness in the investigation has implicated de Gea and Athletic Bilbao striker Iker Muniain (right)

According to, the events are explained in a leaked police report as follows: ‘After leaving the woman in the room with the other girl, Torbe told her they had to be with the footballers and would have to agree to everything they wanted and that they would earn more money.

‘When she refused, Torbe took her firmly by the arm, and without waiting for her reply, said she had to do everything they wanted, which involved them having sex with the new girl and her.

‘The new girl and her were both sexually abused by the boys, because if they refused they were physically attacked by both.

‘Once the footballers had satiated their sexual desires, they threatened them so that everything that happened in that room never saw the light of day.

‘It is worth nothing that neither the witness or the other girl who were in their room earned anything for all the physical and sexual attacks they received, with Torbe keeping all the money.’

The protected witness is understood to have made two statements, one on May 6 last year in Madrid and another on June 3 last year in Murcia.

Police sources close to the case confirmed the reports are genuine, adding ‘we can’t confirm anything else at this stage’.

While de Gea is not accused of having directly participated in the abuse, he is accused of having had a hand in arranging the encounter

She claimed the hotel meeting was set up by de Gea. There is no suggestions he was involved in the sex session.

He has not been sent home from Spain’s Euro 2016 squad and is intending to train with the squad this evening.

It is understood that the matter is now in the hands of de Gea’s lawyers and the player is expecting to remain with the Spain squad for the duration of the European Championship in France.

When asked about de Gea at a press conference this evening, team mate Aritz Aduriz replied: ‘We’re not going to talk about this. That’s the last question on that.’

Sources close to the Manchester United goalkeeper admitted that the player is aware his image, honour and reputation have been ‘gravely affected’ by the allegations.

However, they also insisted the player remains relatively calm despite the legal case and is focused on the task at hand with the Spanish national team.

The statement said: ‘She [the protected witness] wants to make it clear that the meeting was set up by another footballer called David de Gea, who is allegedly the person who would have paid for the costs of that event that day.’

The online site said the protected witness had sent WhatsApp messages to de Gea afterwards to find out who the other player was – and was told by the Manchester United goalkeeper that he also played for Athletic Bilbao but was given no further details.

Investigators are understood to have copies of the WhatsApp messages that were exchanged between the pair.

Neither the police or the investigating judge has summoned de Gea or Muniain to give evidence.

The newspaper quoted Iker Muniain’s agent as saying: ‘We have no knowledge of this. No-one from the police or the court have been in touch with us.’

It said de Gea’s official spokesman had declined to make a comment.

Manchester United declined to comment when contacted by Sportsmail this afternoon.

The goalkeeper, regarded as one of the best in the world, has been dating girlfriend Edurne Garcia for nearly six years.

She performed for Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest last year but finished in 21st place with a disappointing 15 points.