Rwandan women’s national football team coach who works also as Association Sportive de Kigali Women Football Club (AS Kigali) coach, Grace Nyinawumuntu was suspended by AS Kigali over what has been described as “indiscipline, but local media claim it to be “Lesbian effects”

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Grace Nyinawumuntu


Today in the morning, local Radio station known as Radio 10 broadcasted interview they had with one of team member called “Shadia Mahirwe” who play for AS Kigali and who really confesses to just had sex with this coach before everything between them fall apart.

“she hired me in her lodge, I was amongst top players in nation team and AS Kigali too, I didn’t know that she was really intending to get me trapped in his sexual need…[] after certain days sleeping with her in same bed while doing lesbianism stuff ..i start to fall in love with her until I begin to give her my salary so that she became able to build her own home….i was thinking that this will be our paradise as long as I loved her …[]” Shadia confesses

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Grace Nyinawumuntu

She also says that the struggle came when she had injury and coach get married

“ I encountered injury and Grace got married ,I was living in same house with them but not still sleeping on same bed ……It was a deep sadness on my heart ,I cried uncontrollably due to losing my lover who were sleeping with a man in other room….she also started to hate me, she was no longer comforting or helping me either”

After this split Shadia with injured leg took decision to leave coach with her husband and get lodged with other teammates but she undergone a really difficult life after breaking  what other call ‘chocking sex secret ‘

Coach didn’t put her name to the lineup in every match “she even told me that I will play after her retirement as a coach” she added.


“Nyinawumuntu has been suspended for two months as the club carries out investigation into a “divided squad” where it is reported that some players who agree to have sex are given preferential treatment by the coach, an act that has caused division among players…..[] We are going to take time to look into what is going on and after we will take the final decision. Some players have complained about being insulted by the coach, who is accused of favoring certain players over others” AS Kigali president, Teddy Gacinya told reporters


Nyinawumuntu became the country’s first female professional football coach in 2008 but before, she was the first Rwandan woman to become an international referee in 2004. She also guided AS Kigali to a record seven national women’s league titles.