Chock news ! Rapper 50 Cent arrested for using word “Motherf*****”!


apparantly work like Motherf*cker is illegal here in  St. Kitts in the Caribbean  so this is why on Saturday night.Rapper Curtis Jackson whose known as 50 Cent has been arrested after Saying this  aggressive word.


As TMZ reported

50 had been warned not to use profanity during his performance in front of 40,000 people.  We’re told the DJ didn’t have a clean version of his set, and 50 didn’t pull the mic away from his mouth when he roared, “motherf*****” … and that was enough to get him arrested.

Cops showed up after the performance and took 50 to the station, where he was booked for using profanity in public.  It’s a minor offense, but he has to stick around until Monday when he’ll go to court and pay a fine.

The same thing happened to DMX in 2003.