The Rock sent shock waves across the world after calling out his Fast 8 co-stars in a furious Facebook post.

And while he left the accused ‘candy asses’ unnamed it appears that the former pro wrestler was calling out another famous movie muscleman.

TMZ reports that Dwayne Johnson was in fact in a beef with Vin Diesel, who is not only the star of the Fast & Furious movies but also one of the franchise’s producers


The website claims that the two beefcake action heroes met on Tuesday to bring an end to their squabble as it was affecting the last days of filming.

The Rock’s male Fast 8 co-stars were left stunned after the actor called them out for being divas in a Facebook rant on Monday.

The 44-year-old who stars alongside Diesel, Scott Eastwood and Jason Statham in the latest installment of the Fast And Furious action franchise, slammed his colleagues as unprofessional ‘candy asses’.


While he didn’t name names, production insiders now say that the guys are very annoyed, especially as there’s still a week and a half to go until filming wraps.

TMZ reports that the male stars of the show are ‘pissed’ at Dwayne for obliquely calling them out, so now they are all suspects.

As filming resumed on Tuesday one source told the website: ‘This is a hell of a way to end it’


here have apparently been clashes of ‘extreme egos’ amongst the biggest male stars on set but an insider eliminated Tyrese and Ludacris from the list of suspects.

The Rock has not yet clarified his comments so the actors have been left wondering who it is who’s caused his ‘blood to boil’.

Another source told TMZ Tuesday that there will be some clarification on social media later in the day.

In his post on Monday The Rock had plenty of praise for actresses Charlize Theron, Jordana Brewster and Michelle Rodriguez, but he vented his relief that filming for the movie was finally coming to an end.

He said that apart from working with Charlize, Jordana and Michelle and a great behind the scenes crew, the experience genuinely made his ‘blood boil’.

Along with a short video showing a fight scene from the film, he posted: ‘This is my final week of shooting Fast & Furious 8. There’s no other franchise that gets my blood boiling more than this one.

‘An incredible hard working crew. Universal Studios Entertainment has been great partners as well. My female co-stars are always amazing and I love ’em. My male co-stars however are a different story (sic).