Bet Awards 2016: ” 50 hottest strippers are hired for shaking butts to Los Angels “


whauuu! what’s L.A! today TMZ claimed that   BET Awards has flown 50 of the hottest strippers in the nation to LA for the weekend, and it’s costing them a fortune!


2 elite strip clubs are flying in more than 50 of the nation’s HOTTEST strippers to meet demand from thirsty ballers in L.A. for the BET Awards.

Ace of Diamonds L.A. and Crazy Girls have both jumped in on the action … and sources tell TMZ the strip joints expect to haul in at least $500k … thanks to a swarm of rappers who have expressed keen interest.

Some of the heavy hitters include Currency, Tokyo, Henny, Mercedes Fox and Malani Ca$h … just some of the most sought-after strippers headlining clubs in New York, Houston, Miami and Atlanta.



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