Italian host Maria De Filippi shows a a keyring depicting Carlo Conti as she attends a press conference on the 67th Festival of the Italian Song of Sanremo, in Sanremo, Italy, 06 February 2017. The 67th edition of the television song contest runs from 07 to 11 February. ANSA/ETTORE FERRARI

This cameraman is not cold in the eyes. When something pleases him, he shows it to … everyone.

Patricia Martinez is Spanish and the young woman (very) very beneficial participated in the Spanish version of Splash. I see you coming, yes Splash it was all rotten, but nothing prevents our Hispanic neighbors from enjoying their version!

Speaking of appreciating, it seems that the cameraman of the show, is really in love with this new episode. Indeed, shortly after the plunge of the beautiful Patricia, it was stuck on the chest of the young woman. It even zoomed, definitely to have a little more detail! Totally captivated by the curves of the young woman, the cameraman finally resumed and tried to finish the show as best he could. The sequence it, made many laugh the audience, the viewers and the web!