Amber Rose”I twerk all the time fo good”


Bombeshell Butt owner Amber Rose talking with Seth Meyers ,last night reavealed that she regulaly twerks for her Toddler son as The Sexy dance acting as bonde between them.It was a time fo Amber 32,to promote her new VH1 sex-based talk show when she confirmed that she uses butt wiggling  to calm down and amuse her son Sebastian

Host to host: Amber Rose visited Late Night With Seth Meyers on Thursday to promote her new chat show on VH1

Amber, showing off her famous curves in a black dress, revealed that her mother Dorothy ‘loves when I twerk’ and first encouraged her to ‘do your little booty shaking thing’ in front of family.
Little black dress: The model rocked a long-sleeved black dress with a front cutout

New gig: The Amber Rose Show debuts on Friday on VH1


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