She’s taken to wearing a long braided black wig in between hair-bleaching days.

And on Sunday, Amber Rose was spotted returning to her hotel in New York with her own platinum buzz ‘do looking bright and polished.

The 32-year-old actress and talk show host kept her outfit simple and form-hugging, showing off her curvaceous body in a black sleeveless top and matching leggings.

All braided up: The star has been seen wearing elaborate wigs like this one she wore on Friday's segment of The Amber Rose Show

The one-time stripper, who hosts the risqué, no-holds-barred talk series The Amber Rose Show on VH1 on Friday evenings at 11 pm, explained why she wears her wigs on this week’s show.

‘I bleach my hair every three days, people don’t know,’ explaining how high-mintenance the seeming simple look actually is.

‘It’s so much maintenance to have the bald head and it’s blonde, because my hair’s naturally dark.