“Amber and Wiz celebrated their divorce Monday night at a strip club, this cames after break up and multiple reunions attempt ” Tmz said.

Amber and Wiz filed their settlement agreement with the court, and the headline … she gets a cool million under the prenup. Wiz has already paid $356k, so he still owes her $644k.But Amber gets more … $14,800 a month in child support for their 3-year-old son, Sebastian, with whom they share legal and physical custody.

As for Wiz … he gets the Pennsylvania home and 10 cars, including a ’69 Chevelle, a ’68 Camaro, a ’62 and a ’64 Impala and a Porsche, of course, of course.


Biggest thing … they’re both good with the way the divorce ended, which is ultimately good for the kid and maybe they will be getting same room after days and feud


It seems that they will  be meeting again.as you know Wiz sang “see you again” and Amber Frenquently said that she didn’t wish to split from Black and yellow Singer,she has been saying that she thought he belonged to her.New has beeen surfaced that Model Amber 32 is hanging out with NBA player,Terrence Ross,and currently is going single and hit clubs alone.