Rub a Freshly Tomato On Your Face and The Results Will Amaze YouThe solution to your breakouts may be growing in your vegetable garden.  Tomato as an acne cure  According to Home Remedies for Life, using tomato as part of your skin care routine can help clear up acne and reduce the appearance of acne scars. This fruit is high in several vitamins like Vitamins A, C, E, K, and B6.  These vitamins in this tasty food help shrink pours and provide your skin with much-needed nourishment.


In addition, the acidity of tomatoes can help balance the pH levels in your skin, making breakouts less likely, Home Remedies for Life says.
As an added bonus, tomatoes actually contain salicylic acid, an ingredient you’ll find listed on many commercial treatments.

Using tomato the right way

Keep it simple:

Massage the juice into your skin and rinse. While it’s not the most effective treatment, it works great for minor breakouts and when you only have a few minutes to get it done.

Tomato face mask:

Remove the tomato seeds and mash up the rest of your tomato into a paste. Apply this paste to your entire face and let it set for about an hour before rinsing.
You can also add mashed cucumber or yogurt to the mask mixture to reduce painful acne.
Tomato juice face wash:
Mix one tablespoon of tomato juice with with a few drops of lemon juice in a small dish. Apply this mixture to affected areas of the skin and let it set for about five minutes, then rinse with warm water