50 cent ” Trump President would be just like Kanye West as President “


Add Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson to the list of celebrities not voting for Donald Trump. The rapper visited Conan on Wednesday night to chat about the 2016 election, his bankruptcy woes and getting arrested in St. Kitts.

While promoting the third season of Power — which premieres Sunday on Starz — 50 Cent compared Donald Trump’s campaign to the possible campaign of Kanye West in 2020. “I like the idea of him running,” Jackson said of Kanye. “That’s a lot of responsibility. It’s the same thing with Trump.”

Conan responded with, “There’s really no difference between Kanye running or Trump running is what you’re pretty much saying?” to which the rapper responded, “I am saying that.”

50 Cent also addressed his arrest in St. Kitts for onstage profanity. The rapper was arrested June 25 after a concert on the Caribbean island. The nation’s law does not permit performances of profanity, which didn’t fit well with 50’s music. The rapper was arrested for saying “motherf—er” in his song “P.I.M.P.” He was a little confused by the arrest, as he thought the police force had bigger problems on their hands than his song.