1. Tiger Woods

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The combination of massive riches and worldwide fame doesn’t help the cause of sex addicts at all. Just ask Tiger Woods, who had a constant entourage of beautiful women to try his short game on and just couldn’t resist. When they came forward, he lost his marriage and plenty of sponsors. Temporarily.

  1. Amy Winehouse

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Sex addiction was clearly the least of Amy Winehouse’s problems in her short and searing life, but there’s no doubt it played a part in her downfall. According to her lovers, she would always need to be high or in the sack (both would be okay, we suppose) to escape her demons. This could be the first case in history where a vibrator could have saved a woman’s life.

  1. Britney Spears

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Spears’ supposed sex addiction is unconfirmed, although “Hit Me Baby” and “I’m a Slave 4 U” seem like pretty clear-cut statements. What is confirmed is that she cheated on Justin Timberlake because the sex wasn’t good enough (maybe he just kept grabbing his own crotch), and that she would regularly have sex marathons with K-Fed. You would have to be an addict to turn to him for your fix.

  1. Kanye West

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Well known for his (because of his?) boasting abilities, Kanye West has called himself – among other things – a sex addict. Now, everything Yeezy says should be taken with a dump truck of salt, but his ex-girlfriend Brooke Crittendon confirmed it too. He’s somehow reined it in for the sake of Kim and his new family, though, and hasn’t turned crazy from the effort. Not crazy at all.

  1. Mel B

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Mel B, AKA Melanie Brown, AKA Scary Spice, is apparently AKA a bit of a sex addict. That’s what many of her former lovers have said, anyway, although now she’s got a happy marriage and happy family it doesn’t seem too likely. These accusations might be AKA jealousy.

  1. Wilt Chamberlain

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Maybe the greatest NBA player of all time, Wilt Chamberlain boasted that he had sex with 20,000 women in his entire life. Now, we’ve done the math, and that works out to 2.2 women per day, every day, for 25 years. Wait a second… how is he having sex with 1/5 of a woman? Is that, like, a leg and an ear? What a sicko.

  1. Michael Douglas

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It takes a very understanding wife, or a very smart one, to deal with a sex-addicted husband. Catherine Zeta-Jones is clearly both of those, since she hasn’t dumped Michael Douglas. Instead, she just put in a “straying” clause into their marriage contract, so she gets a fee if Douglas cheats on her. We’re surprised more wives don’t follow her lead.

  1. Lindsay Lohan

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There’s not many mean things you could say about Lindsay Lohan that would surprise us, so finding out that she’s a sex addict is, well, yawn. Most of it stems from hearsay, spread by her ex-boyfriend Riley Giles, but given her reputation we’re not at all shocked. Or even disgusted. Really, if you’re going to go all out with life, why not include some good sex?

  1. Dean McDermott

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Tori Spelling’s arm candy and sometime actor Dean McDermott is another of those ones who cheated on their wives and then blamed it on sex addiction. True, he did go to rehab for it in 2014, and the couple did stay together. But why can’t people just own up to doing the wrong thing?

  1. Bill Clinton

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The world of politics is full of mud-slinging and name-calling – even from beyond the political grave. It seems that even once you’ve retired, you can’t help sink the boot in one last time. It’s the only reason we can think of for former President Gerald Ford to call Bill Clinton a sex addict. Because it’s not like Bill carried on some sordid affair while he was in office.